Green amethyst metaphysical properties

I always advocate not to buy jewelery only due to the visual attraction and material value. Almost all semi precious or precious stones possess some kind of soothing spiritual vibration, and thus, for instance, if you want to buy some green amethyst jewelry, you should first familiarize yourself with the beneficial metaphysical influences of prasiolite.

Amethyst is known under the name "stone of transformation". This semi precious gemstone is believed to possess many beneficial metaphysical properties. It heals, restructures, and restores the physical body, the mind and the soul of the person who wears it. Green amethyst or prasiolite, on the other hand, apart from inheriting all the positive aspect of its violet relative, contributes with some enhanced healing capabilities and expands the healing properties of ordinary amethyst. This is mainly due to its green color, which is color of the healers. Therefore, when we talk about the metaphysics of green amethyst we should firstly explore the metaphysics of the violet variation, and be aware of all the beneficial additions due to the color of prasiolite.

Amethyst is a stone of strength, peace, pleasure, protection and spirituality. It purifies and is excellent crystal for meditation. It is known to balance the aura, sharpens the intellect and brings pleasure and truthfulness. It protects from excesses of any kind; it calms the restless temperament. Amethyst is known to protect from emotional and psychological manipulation, and if under the pillow during the night, it helps in reducing anger, impatience and nightmares.

Violet amethyst is a carrier of the violet ray, one of the seven rays of spiritual light. Therefore it hold an important position in almost all religions of the world, as it helps in rising the consciousness, and sharping the intuition. It symbolizes the divine humility.

Another more profane characteristic of amethyst is its anti-alcoholic protection. This stone is a symbol of sobriety, and also helps in dealing with some drug problems.

On the physical level it helps in relieving migraines, headaches, sleeplessness, and arthritis.

If we now augment the properties that originate from the color of green amethyst, we can say that it strengthens peace and calm, and brings generosity, growth, health, happiness, harmony, stability, and fertility. Prasiolite also promotes balance and restoration of the nervous system. Green is the basic color of Nature and as such it helps in relieving tensions and irritation. It symbolizes self-respect and well-being.

People that appreciate green jewelry are usually well balanced. Also one has to take into account the fact that we are capable of detecting greater number of nuances of green than it is the case for any other color in the spectrum. Therefore, it is recommended to wear green jewelry when you want to achieve balance in your emotions, if you feel that you are down and you need a boost in energy, or if you need to provoke positive feelings or calm negative emotions. The green amethyst can help in achieving healthy relationships between you and your friends and family.

Also consider that the dark green specimen can be connected to money, banking and financial transactions. Many nuances of green can implicate healing, stability and endurance. Green helps the eyes, and in some cases can improve sight. Green is opposite color from red, and you also know very well that this color means free passage in traffic. Here are some additional tips when you buy your green amethyst jewelry.

  • dark green equals ambition, greed and jealousy

  • yellow green means disharmony, imbalance and jealousy

  • aqua green equals emotional healing and protection

  • olive green is the traditional color of peace.

Metaphysical properties of synthetic quartz

Somebody has emailed me with the question about the metaphysical properties of synthetic quartz. To tell you plain and simple, I do not believe that synthetic quartz possesses any substantial spiritual or mystical properties. Green amethyst crystals can be sometimes grown in laboratory, and the metaphysical value of such gemstones is questionable. When in doubt, I always recall the work of Marcel Vogel, a research scientist for IBM's San Jose facility, who dared to investigate beyond the borders of ordinary science --- to investigate the metaphysical properties of quartz crystals. He also did some research on the healing properties and interaction of specially faceted crystals with living tissue. His conclusions (actually derived from the astonishing features of the so called Vogel crystals) is that when using lab created quartz crystals (as well as faceted quartz crystals), the spiritual value of those stones depends on the person who has crated them or performed the faceting. Therefore, even during the process of heating of amethyst necessary to produce green amethyst, a great deal is lost or messed up from/with the stones. Thus, I would always prefer genuine earth mined stones over the artificial or lab created ones.

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